Our Impact

Scholarship program for survivors of human exploitation.

In 2020, EveryOneHuman funded the rescue of 15 survivors of sex trafficking in the India Nepal border area in partnership with Free for Life International.


She is a young girl who has displayed great courage and maturity and is determined to get a college degree to build her self esteem and work towards a pathway of financial freedom. She is enrolled as a Freshman and as most 1st year students are, she is undecided for her majors. Suzanne is a nature lover, hiking and trekking enthusiast, and enjoys the company of her dogs on long nature trails.


Let's give Suzanne a chance to re-enter a classroom environment.


Alice loves history, writing and learning ! Her huge motivation is, she will be the 1st person in her family to ever attend college. Hence Alice is on a mission to complete her education. Alice is confident that her Degree in Ministry, will help her understand and heal other survivors of human trafficking. Alice is proud of her new emergence and can't wait to embark upon her future of self sufficiency and freedom..


Your investment in Alice will bring her closer to her finish line.


Annalise is a highly motivated young lady, who is passionate about working towards getting her Certificate in Nutritional Counseling. Her motivation is to spread awareness of the essentials of healthy eating habits and it's positive effect on mind and body connections. She plans to volunteer at non profits and community organizations to spread the knowledge to the underserved populations. Annalise believes that a Healthy Mind and a healthy body, is a full circle approach to living well.


Become a small part of making Annalise's dream come true.


Very few people turn their suffering into a gift for others. Having overcome twenty plus years of trafficking and drug addiction, Cynthia is one determined and headstrong woman making strides in her personal life as well as in the lives of many who are experiencing homelessness, through her foundation. Currently a rising sophomore at a community college, Cynthia proves that given a chance, every human has the potential to be a blessing to this world and aspires to obtain a masters degree in social work and business administration, so that she can help others in need through her nonprofit organization.


Your contributions to educate this deserving woman will have a ripple effect in combating poverty and abuse.


For a willing heart there are no challenges too big to overcome.

With multiple children, a full-time job and the trauma of many years of abuse, did not deter Anna from pursuing a college education. Her positive attitude and a heart that desires to help others, helped Anna find true calling in life. And in that pursuit, Anna is enrolled in a public college to get a four-year degree in sociology and mental health counseling, so that one day she can be a counselor to the abused. Through many responsibilities she has stayed enrolled in college and very much hopes to turn her dreams into a reality.


Your contributions can make this hard-working woman’s dreams a reality.


After working in bereavement and with people experiencing grief, this survivor of human trafficking survivor developed empathy and passion for helping people, through what can be a very difficult time in life. Despite the trauma and through many obstacles, Emma maintains her hopeful spirit and is currently working towards a degree in funeral sciences.


To help educate women like Emma is an investment we make to better serve our needs of tomorrow.



Still very young and continuing her healing journey, Julie has chosen to enroll in college before joining the workforce. With so much talent and future ahead of her, she is, by her own submission, very artistic and goal oriented. She has worked very hard towards her goal of securing admission in a technology institute. She is unique and passionate about hands on learning. As a determined survivor, she dreams of beating the odds and having a successful career post-graduation. We can make this dream a reality!


Your contributions will help unleash Julie's skillful potential, restoring her self-confidence and independence.


As a single mother and a trafficking survivor, Kate has already proved that her heart is sweeter than her fate. She has made huge accomplishments in her life and works diligently to provide comfort, knowledge and assistance to other survivors of trafficking. Currently pursuing a four-year degree in human services, after graduation, Kate hopes to open her own home for survivors and their children.


Your contributions can turn this amazing woman’s vision into a reality!



Cathy grew up in a foster care system and was trafficked at an early age. As a survivor of human trafficking and other ritualistic abuses, she has gained a deep understanding of the many difficulties at-risk youth and adults face. The tragedy and trauma of her life’s experiences made Cathy seek refuge in God. She allowed God to heal her past and help find her mission. She established a nonprofit organization to serve women who have experienced trauma. Currently she is in her final year at a university pursuing a degree in Behavioral Analysis and hopes to use her education to better serve trafficking victims.


Cathy’s grace, her deep sensitivity and wisdom coupled with her commitment to serve, makes her an ideal candidate for your contributions.


Hailey strives to help be an advocate and role model for other survivors of human trafficking, through getting her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. As a strong, determined, and passionate woman, she is dedicated to her time in school, to not only one day help survivors, but to be able to provide for her and her son. Once she graduates with her Bachelor’s degree, Hailey plans to attend graduate school to continue her education.


Carla is a strong woman who describes herself as a “persistent and determined survivor.” In her free time she enjoys being creative, and has even recently created a music program for an organization close to her heart. Carla has decided to resume her coursework to officially complete her Associates degree, so that she can put her passion and perseverance to work, and support herself post graduation.


As someone who is passionate about others and persevering, Grace is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, all while working full time. Grace’s long-term goal after graduation is to lead and run a long-term residential program which will help other survivors get on track mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. Grace plans to continue her career in higher education by getting a Master’s degree in Social Work one day. She is determined to make her dreams into a reality.


Sophie is motivated and determined to succeed, and is excited to begin her college career. She hopes to use her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science as a stepping stone on the way to becoming a lawyer. Having completed her GED early, Sophie has shown her resilience and motivation towards her school work and studies that will carry over during her time at college. Outside of her schoolwork, Sophie is pursuing her interests in planes and learning how to fly.


Penelope is known to others as being courageous, determined and responsible, despite all of the barriers that she has had to overcome. Alongside helping plan fundraisers for her church, Penelope is attending college to get her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree, Penelope has a strategic plan: first, she will begin working at residential safehouse for survivors of sex trafficking, and then she will begin her pursuit of a Master’s degree in Counseling.


With the dream of fighting for and advocating on behalf of human trafficking victims’ rights and services, Mary is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration. She believes that her lived experiences as a survivor and the skills she has already gained through her work, paired with a degree in CJA, will allow her to land her dream job. Currently, Mary is already serving her community by assisting homeless youth as well as interacting with different law enforcement agencies and police officers through her day job.

All names and photos of survivors have been changed out of respect for their privacy.

Human exploitation is one of the most inhumane crimes in the world today. We’re on a mission to change that.



EveryOneHuman is a registered  501(c)(3) non-profit organization # 83-4452075. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.